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DAY 05

DAY 05

O Saint Joseph dear,

Protector be near.

I devote myself

To your loving care.

Nothing do I have

As worthy a gift

But only myself:

I give you my life,

My eyes and my heart,

My ears and my lips,

My soul and my mind,

All I am and own.

From now on till death,

Take it for yourself.

O Holy Joseph,

You took the Virgin,

Mary and her Son,

the Unborn Jesus,

the Eternal Word,

Savior of the World,

Into your own home.

Take me in as well.

Let me stay and dwell

In your family

As your child and serf

To the Eucharist.

O Most Chaste Joseph,

You did guard, protect

The Sacred pur'ty

For our Blest Lady;

The Holy Silence

For Her Son, Jesus.

Do protect and guard

My soul in silence

My heart in stillness

My mind in meekness

My body in cleanness.

Make me so zealous

Loving inner life

Living pure and chaste

That I only gaze

His Most Holy Face

Your own Son, Jesus.


Dear Father Joseph,

Terror of Demons,

On hearing your name,

They tremble in shame,

Running to escape!

Save me from their traps

All their temptations,

All their wiles and tricks.

Let me not upset

Jesus, your own Son,

Mary, ever bless'd.

Help me to fulfill

The will of the Lord

In humble service.

In meekness, you did.


O Saint Joseph dear,

Protector be near

My hour of death,

Help me breathe my last

Calling out the Name

Jesus Christ, my Lord

My Savior, My God. Amen.

Protector of Virgins: Chastity

"He had no relations with her ..." ~(Matthew 1:25)

Case in point: it's absurd! "He had no relation with her....!" According to human standard that is absurd. The Blessed Virgin Mary had the same reaction when the Archangel Gabriel asked her to be the Mother of God's Son. Her reaction was very human: "How can this be for I have no relations with a man!" (Luke 1:35). It was not only absurd but impossible. What was the angelic response? "The Holy Spirit will come upon you....; for nothing is impossible for God" (Luke 1:37).

There's the answer to the human reaction! The answer to the impossibility is not science or some secret knowledge, but a person - the Third Person of the Most Holy s as Trinity.

Let's think critically. How could Joseph have absolutely no relations with his beloved wife unless the Holy Spirit was also with him? The answer is obvious. Who spoke to Joseph in his dream? Wasn't it an angel as well? The one who told Mary about the Holy Spirit and nothing is impossible to God? "Joseph, son of David, do not be afraid to take Mary your wife into your home. For it is through the Holy Spirit that this child has been conceived in her." (Matthew 1:20).

Just as the Archangel Gabriel asked the Virgin Mary to receive the Lord, the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity to be her Son, the divine messenger asked Joseph to do something much more absurd and impossible. Mary gets to receive the Lord Jesus. Joseph gets to receive them both! But he was only an ordinary man with all the weaknesses of an ordinary man.

Let's say it again. The divine messenger gave Joseph, an ordinary man, the task of taking care of the Virgin Mother and her Baby, the Son of God, the Eternal Word, the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity!

Let's think critically now. Who needs more help? Who needs more of the Holy Spirit?

It was God, the Holy Trinity Who created Mary immaculate at her conception, kept her virginity perpetual and then made her the Theotokos, the God Bearer, how could God , the Father hand over His Son, Jesus and His Immaculate Virgin Mother to an ordinary man and ask him to take care of them both on His behalf without giving him the Holy Spirit?

The Archangel called the Holy Spirit, the Lord of Nothing-Impossible! With the Holy Spirit taking over his interior life, especially his dream, could Joseph not be the Most Chaste man and husband? Could he not be the Patron of interior life, the Protector of chastity and the Guardian of virgins?

Yes or no? What is your decision and why?

What does that mean to you?

Your reflection.

Stop! Stay still for six seconds. Take a deep breath... say slowly:


The Saints on St. Joseph

“Both Mary and Joseph had made a vow to remain virgins all the days of their lives; and God wished them to be united in the bonds of marriage, not because they repented of the vow already made, but to be confirmed in it and to encourage each other to continue in this holy relation.” ~ St. Francis de Sales

“Mary belonged to Joseph, and Joseph to Mary, so much so that their marriage was very real, since they gave themselves to each other. But how could they do this? Behold the triumph of purity. They reciprocally gave their virginity, and over this virginity they gave each other a mutual right. What right? To safeguard the other’s virtue.” ~ St. Peter Julian Eymard

"Since Mary is what might be called a ‘virginizer’ of young men as well as women, and the greatest inspiration of Christian purity, should she not logically have begun by inspiring and virginizing the first youth whom she had probably ever met – Joseph, the Just? It was not by diminishing his power to love but by elevating it that she would have her first conquest, and in her own spouse, the man who was a man, and not a senile watchman!” ~ Ven. Fulton J. Sheen

Our Father...

St. Joseph: Protector of Virginity.

Make us chaste like you (3X)

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