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11 Word Novena / Part 2


To understand better these words, let's take a look at their Latin roots

There is a distinction between “Surrender”, “Abandon”, and “Resignation”

Surrender in Latin:

sur + rendere” = sur+ re + dare

Sur = above

Re = back

Dare = to give

Surrender to give back above.

Abandon in Latin:

"a + bannus"

A = to

Bannus,bannum = ban or control

Abandon: “To give in to the control of...

Resignation in Latin:

re + signare"

Re: back

Signare: sign or seal

Resignation means: "To Unseal or Open Up"

Surrendering, Abandoning, and Resigning can be used interchangeably.

Each term has its own spiritual tradition. We can use them as synonymously, yet I prefer to respect each term in its own unique spiritual tradition and significance.

Each term has its own spiritual tradition.

The Jesuits would prefer the term “Abandonment.” Here God is the center and focus. God is in charge.

The Protestants would use the term “Surrender”, but the focus tends toward me. It is more “I-centered.” Thus we have the song, “I surrender all.” Listen to the Protestants’ or Christian songs and you will hear. They are almost always “I-centered.”

The Teresians and Alphonsians, in particular, St. Alphonsus, like to use the term, “Resignation.”

So we have the Jesuits and the Protestants. Now the Teresians and Alphonsians, in particular St. Alphonsus likes to use the term “resignation.” It implies and entails a spiritual struggle to seek God’s will, the battle to give up my self-will and ultimately, abandon my own will to surrender myself to the will of God.

Use them all.

But respect the profound and rich Catholic spiritual traditions. As Catholics we are simple but intelligent, not simplistic and ignorant.

Pax Christi

PAPA Foundation
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