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How Do We Console the Sacred Heart of Jesus?

Speak out, teach, pray more and repent.

In1992 a Gallop pole revealed that 70% of all Catholics in the United States have a grave misconception concerning Jesus Christ’s presence in the Holy Eucharist.

Their beliefs range from the following: the bread and wine symbolizes the body and blood of Jesus; some believe they receive bread and wine in which Jesus is also present; some believe they are receiving the body and blood because of their personal belief.

Another more recent study done by the New York Times and CBS poll of Catholics who attend Mass regularly, found that the number of Catholics who accept the Real Presence decreases as age decreases:

51% ages 65 and over believe in the Real Presence

37% ages 45-64 believe in the Real Presence

28% ages 30-44 believe in the Real Presence

17% ages 18-29 believe in the Real Presence

These sobering statistics show that only 1 teenager in 6 accepts the doctrine of the Real Presence! This loss of faith among the young and old alike is apparent in our Catholic Parishes across the country and is proven in the lack of devotion, reverence, and esteem the majority of Catholics display toward the Holy Eucharist.

“Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament is the Living Heart of each of our parishes.” Pope Paul VI

Are we going to mend His broken heart in our parish?

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