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Love, Love, Love

Dear Family,

I thought I could sleep but I can’t.

I can’t stop counting my blessings!

They just go on and on. I can’t even solely focus on today.

My blessings go back to the day I joined you all in the chapel when I myself was sick.

That day I thought I could escape and make a quick exit when suddenly I heard father call out from the altar: “stop that cowgirl!!!”

Well not exactly like that ., LoL

Father could tell ya. ;)

Truly. All my prayers are being answered even through these tests of sickness.

Please don’t be too generous with credits. I never feel adequate without a prayer team backing me. I always run to the Holy people when crisis hits because I panic. I truly do. I’ve always thought it to be a weakness.

Secondly, TRUST is my weakness too. Father teach me; teach us. Trust in the sense that Prayer works, God is for us, and more. You know Father the meaning of trust. I can’t even speak much of it it seams.

Well maybe I was healed of some of these conflicts today. Too many prayerful people backed me without asking. They were coming from everywhere! Texts, phone calls, visits. One even came riding in on a horse! Whatever it takes to get there I suppose. Gotta go with the flow when the Holy Spirit shows up. Giddy up God said! I’ve got you surrounded!! Yes! True! Surrounded by LOVE!

It’s true. Totally and completely surrounded by love in spirit and presence of my Papa family.

It was a perfect balance. I can’t tell you how it feels!

Father I love when you speak about love. Doesn’t everyone agree we feel it. Love reaches the soul. Father you said we breath love in., breath in Jesus who is love himself. How does this all tie in with PAPA?

Well, I believe that because Jesus is love and Papas (Priests) are standing in for Jesus then our PAPAS are LOVE.

Our Papas (Priests) give us Jesus’ love. What better place to give Jesus’ love then where the heart is pierced in sickness and grief.

It’s our duty to pray for our Papas and ask God to fill them UP to the “brim” with Love which is Jesus.

Thank you Papa Michael for bringing Love to Magen, our family and others EVERYWHERE!

Could we sing now 🎵🎶 my favorite song:


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