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Love Of the Poor

Six things to do to show my love for the poor 1. Spend more time with family. Our immediate family needs our love. Many times we are busy with worldly things but also loving people outside of our family, perhaps to the point of neglecting our family duties 2. Share in someone’s suffering —listen to the hidden stories , fears, disappointments when they speak . 3. Love my unlovable neighbor! As Fulton Sheen said , “ If I don’t find my neighbor lovable, I have to put love into him as God puts love into me, and thereby I provoke the response of love.” 4. Invite someone out to eat and spend time one on one. 5. If someone is struggling financially, do work for them free, or pay one of their bills or lend them money with understanding you don’t want nor expect to be paid back. 6. Visit Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament

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