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A Reading from The Acts of the Apostles 14:5-18

"When the crowds saw what Paul had done, they cried out ."

(Acts 14:11)

When Paul and Barnabas healed a crippled man, lame from birth, the crowds cried out in awe.  They thought Paul and Barnabas were the gods Zeus and Hermes, and they began offering sacrifices to them. 

So Barnabas and Paul seized the opportunity to tell them about the One who had healed this man.


God was at work then and is now, in our lives. We are surrounded by miracles.  Are we in awe of His daily miracles? Our heavenly Father is reaching out to us now as we read this reflection. God is never passive and miracles happen every day.  He is always offering you grace, peace and hope. 

Sometimes miracles might not be as "jaw dropping" as a crippled man picking up his mat and walking away. But God wants us to be aware of His ever presence in our lives and in our situations.  God wants us to know He is with us, reaching out to us and offering up His grace.

What miracles has God done for us and are we in Awe of His Love?

1.  Have we received an inner healing or strength?

2. Have we noticed our lives changing--finding it easier to be kind, compassionate, loving and patient?

3. Have we become aware that God has forgiven us? 

4. Have others forgiven you ?

5. Have we become aware of the grace given to us to forgive others?

6. Have we pondered the miracle of the Holy Eucharist? We are receiving a Person and this Person wants to have a relationship with us, wants us to bond with Him and to join our hearts with His.

7. Have you wondered about the miracle of confession?  Thru the priest, Jesus wants us to be cleaned of sin, to experience mercy and love. 

8. Have you been convinced that God was with you when you almost had an accident, or when you accomplished His  work?

9.  Have we prayed for a loved one who is seriously ill and has he recovered ?

10. Has your loved one suddenly mention that he would like to go to confession or mass? 

11.  Has God bought back or redeemed or ransomed a person you love from a life of slavery to sin and wrongdoing? 

Behind all these miracles is the promise of God's love for us.

"Whoever loves me will keep my word, and my Father will love him, and we will come to him and make our dwelling with him."  (John 14:23)

........Now, that is a Miracle!!! Our God, our Creator, not only walks ahead, behind, and beside us but he lives in each and everyone of us.


Thank you, Lord, for living in my heart, but do quiet me, so that I may rest in your loving presence. Amen. 

God Bless

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