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On Trinity Sunday

Just yesterday, a well-intentioned "professional" told a group of people that when grieving, those affected by death: "anesthetize themselves by hiding behind religion."

Immediately, my mind and soul tuned into Our Most Holy Trinity.

Dearest Lord, does she not know that You gave her life?

That comment stayed with me for the remainder of the day and during the night.

For this reason, I am here.

I think it is pertinent, especially as a Catholic parent, to tell the next generation, (even though they are bright), to be careful of the misguidings of the world.

Our Almighty God and Creator, is the One who fills us with endless mercy and love, provides boundless graces for those who believe in Him and open their hearts in order to receive those graces.

The same Living God, gave us His Son's mind, body, soul, and divinity in the Holy Eucharist.

Do we not realize that The Trinity is supernatural, thus having true supernatural powers?

Oh we, of such little faith!

Be guarded; especially those entrusted in educating the next generation.

The world does not understand the supernatural.

For this reason, it cannot give endless peace and joy that only Our Holy Trinity can.

Happy Holy Trinity Sunday!

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