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THURSDAY OF THE SECOND WEEK OF ADVENT Memorial of Saint Lucy, Virgin and Martyr DECEMBER 13, 2018

Let the clouds rain down the Just One, and the earth bring forth a Savior. (Isaiah 45:8)


I find that Earth is more like hell than heaven. Everyone, including myself, tends to get bogged down in earthly matters like taking care of the three important people whom we consider number one – me, myself and I.

How can “Earth bring forth a Savior”? Why would “the clouds rain down the Just One”?

I found a slice of Heaven on Earth where you can witness such a scene. A place where it is not about I but about HE. HE offers Himself up – while we tag along - and in return blessings come pouring back down from God. God gives us His beloved Son in the Holy Eucharist so that we can live.

That is why I find a day without going to Daily Mass is a day wasted.

PAPA Foundation
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