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The first reading (SIR 5:1-8)

Rely not on your wealth; say not: "I have the power." Rely not on your strength in following the desires of your heart. Say not: "Who can prevail against me?" or, "Who will subdue me for my deeds?" for God will surely exact the punishment. Say not: "I have sinned, yet what has befallen me?" for the Most High bides his time. Of forgiveness be not overconfident, adding sin upon sin. Say not: "Great is his mercy; my many sins he will forgive." For mercy and anger alike are with him; upon the wicked alights his wrath. Delay not your conversion to the LORD, put it not off from day to day. For suddenly his wrath flames forth; at the time of vengeance you will be destroyed. Rely not upon deceitful wealth, for it will be no help on the day of wrath.


I used to think that God was full of wrath. It is as though He dragged me by the hair and threw me into this corner of the planet. Not listening to my kicking or screaming and enforcing a "time-out" until I started behaving. In retrospect, He was showing mercy as I did not deserve His saving grace. He stopped this poor sinner from going on the highway to Hell. As dramatic as it was, if this is how He treats His friend I would hate to find out how He treats His enemy. The sin of presumption is offensive to God. If He decides to react accordingly to such offenses, can you blame Him?

People are diligent with their weight. They watch their calories, because they are afraid of what it can do.

Shouldn't we be just as diligent and keep watch of our sins? Because of the weight it puts on our soul; it drags us further away from God. If today, He decides to judge you, are you ready?

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