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Was Eli a Priest?

Q & A with Fr. Michael J.T.Nguyen, CSsR

Friday, January 17, 2020

From Maria:

Shalom Father Michael!

I have a question about Eli (from the 1 book of Samuel)

Was Eli a priest? or a Judge? or both?

Was Samuel a Priest? or a Judge? or both?

Ok two questions

Thanks so much!

Fr. Michael’s answer:

Salve Maria: God bless you.

(1) Eli was both a priest and a judge. In fact, he was the next to the last judge in the Old Testament. The very last judge was Samuel.

(2) Samuel was more than both. He was:

2a) A prophet.

2b) A judge.

2c) An intercessor.

2d) A priest.

How? He practices the fourfold priestly office:

  1. By intercession (1 Sam 7:9).

  2. By offering sacrifices. (1 Sam 7:9, 10).

  3. By benediction. (1 Sam 10:17, 25).

  4. By anointing kings. (1 Sam 10:1; 16:13).

Pax Christi

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