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Deacon Eldho Chakkappan

The members of PAPA, Priest Always-Prayer Apostolate, pray at least once daily for all priests especially our PAPA Priests to practice the following virtues Holiness, Love of God, Love for the poor, Humility, Chastity, Poverty, Wisdom, Zeal, Courage, Truthfulness, and Perseverance.

On occasion we receive letters from our PAPA Priests who communicate with us their gratitude for our prayers. Here is the letter from Deacon Eldho while studying in Rome.

Dear PAPA,

Thank you for the prayers. I hope you are well and had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. I'm sending this mail as a testimony for the blessings your prayers have brought to my ministry.

After your promise of prayers in this regard, I was filled with a new power and grace. I could evidently feel it when I was sharing the word of God to the people in the Church. It helped in my spiritual growth as well as the people whom I meet as part of my ministry. Your valuable prayers brought many blessings to my service and I humbly request you for the same.

May our Lord God bless you and your mission abundantly and let this apostolate be a source of strength for many who are in the service of our Lord God. Thank you for sharing the email addresses. The growth and prosperity of your apostolate will be always in my prayers.

Your brother in Christ,

Dn. Eldho,


PAPA is grateful to you, Deacon Eldho, for continuing to strive to bring God’s message to His people, for loving His Bride, the Holy Catholic Church, and for your vocation.

In conclusion, this is our evidence. Deacon Eldho’s testimony is proof that our prayers will benefit our PAPA Priests. Let us continue to pray for Deacon Eldho's transition to the priesthood.

Please, pray daily the PAPA Prayer for Priests.

God bless!

PAPA Foundation
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