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Stay up with Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane and pray for our priests!

On Holy Thursday, we Catholics celebrate the Institution of the Holy Eucharist. Holy Thursday is also a celebration of the Institution of the Priesthood. PAPA will be giving all our priests a card for this occasion with a Spiritual Bouquet of your prayers. Please sign up to pray for our Priests, we are trying to fill the hours between 10pm CST on Holy Thursday until 7am CST on Good Friday. PAPA will stay up with Jesus and pray for His priests.

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About the pictures above and below.

The LA diocese celebrated their Chrism Mass on Monday, April 11 from 7pm-9pm. There were several hundred priests and seven or eight Bishops and Cardinals in attendance at the Mass. At the Chrism Mass, Archbishop Gomez gave a beautiful homily reminding everyone of their priestly mission as a family of God. He also spoke directly to the priests and quoted Pope Francis saying that nothing discourages Jesus from using us to write His history of Salvation. Archbishop Gomez encouraged the priests saying the history of Salvation continues in their priesthood. He reminded everyone present that they were going to be renewing their Priestly Promises publicly and asked all to pray for them. He ended his homily by calling on Our Lady Queen of the Angels to help them to keep going always forward in their mission. He called his brother priests to stand and renew their Priestly Promises. Then he called on the laity and asked them to pray for priests. Archbishop Gomez then consecrated the sacred oils used in the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, Anointing of the Sick, and Holy Orders. He invited his brother priests to join him in blessing the Chrism Oil by extending their right hands. This is the first time in two years this many priests were able to gather together to share in this annual celebration of the Sacred Priesthood of Jesus.

Do you see anyone you know? Maybe our PAPA Spiritual Director?

See if you can find PAPA priest, Father Peter?

The priests renewing their Priestly Promises.

Priests praying over the Chrism Oil.

Priests praying over the Chrism Oil.

Priests saying the “Our Father”.


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