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Before saying the PRAYER FOR PRIESTS every day, please pray for priests to have the following virtue: April : Humility


Health Care Workers

We pray for health care workers who serve the sick and the elderly, especially in the poorest countries; may they be adequately supported by governments and local communities.


Bishop Joseph Strickland-Diocese of Tyler

Bishop Brendan Cahill-Diocese of Victoria

Bishop Daniel Walsh, Retired


April 5, 1982 Father Toan Lai, Winnsboro, Texas

April 9, 1987 Brother Tom Ho Nguyen, C.Ss.R., Houston Tx

April 10, 1968 Father Gioakim Dan Xuan Thanh, Tukwila, Washington

April 11, 1977 Father Peter Chele, Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands

April 11, 1952 Father Peter Phan, C.Ss.R., Baldwin Park, California

April 12, 1974 Father Peter Ha Dinh Dang, C.Ss.R , Springfield, Massachusetts

April 18, 1979 Father Victor Perez, Houston, Texas

April 19, 1956 Father John Upton, Houston, Texas

April 29, 1981 Father Mark Lam Tran, C.Ss.R., Richmond, Texas


April 10, 2012 Father Tuan Ngoc Nguyen, C.Ss.R., Vietnam


April 1, XXXX Father Demetrio Santini Mareno, Sonora, Mexico

April 3, 1965 Father Greg Mirto, Sugar Land, Texas

April 20, 1992 Father Mathew Minisare Baptist, Roma, Italy

April 28, 2011 Father Chris Varghese, Modesto, California

April 30, 1988 Father Joseph Barbieri, Houston, Texas


Kevin Knox, recovery from cancer

Father Cedric Pisegna, eye surgery

Father Juan Velez requests prayers for Pat and Lucia

Marilda Hugo

Chris Adams, back surgery

Sandy, right shoulder surgery

John Bice, bronchiectasis

Edward Smith, spinal cord stimulation implant pending medical clearance.

Theresa Kocian, gallbladder surgery

Andy Shelton, covid complications Ben Avner, thyroid cancer Bobby Oppermann, colon cancer Phyllis Gallagher Mama Rosary or Catherine Bach Father Ed Wade, PAPA priest Father Peter, PAPA priest Bob with Stage 3 cancer/chemotherapy Kaye Stewart Stage 4 cancer Pamela Fuentez, foot ulcer Grace Jones, back problems Nellyna Christensen, cancer Cindy Junek, multiple myeloma Father Roy Oggero, poor health Janey Dubas, cancer Joyce Knox, cancer Ricky Garcia, brain trauma Maria Garcia, anxiety SPECIAL INTENTIONS

Eddie Stakes and his sons, Noah and Jacob, as they mourn the death of wife and mother.

Father Masayi requests prayers for himself and for his biological family members in Uganda.

Father Jared Loehr, LC, requests prayers for the 37 Legionary deacons to be ordained on May 7, 2022

Father Isaac-John Katumbi requests prayers for God's Will be done as he completes his doctoral studies

Father Bruce Nieli, CSP, requests prayers for his visit with Pope Francis on Divine Mercy Sunday

Father Joseph Nguyen requests prayers for 4 priests who are recovering from difficulties Joseph Tran-Day, discernment priesthood.

Carlos Martinez Michael Gonzales The people of Ukraine Peace in the World Prolife Work in Mexico Prolife Workers in Mexico Family Conversion Job opportunities Special Intentions from Australia Orlando Miguel Herrera, discerning for the priesthood Fallen away Catholics End of Euthanasia Aging stages of life St Mary's Seminary in Lahore, Pakistan First Responders Priests Abolition of Roe vs Wade REPOSE OF THE SOULS RECENTLY DEPARTED

Paige Davenport Stakes, died April 14, 2022

SUGGESTED PRAYERS Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be, Litanies found on Masses, Rosaries, Hour of Adoration, Breathe in Jesus Prayer

We love to pray for you. Please let us know when you no longer need prayers. God Bless You.


PAPA Foundation
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