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Do not neglect to do good

and to share what you have,

for such sacrifices are pleasing to God.

Hebrews 13:16

In a busy practice, it is hard to know if someone needs help once they leave the office. One such busy afternoon, Mrs. Pat was seen for shortness of breath. After many years of smoking, she now had chronic obstructive lung disease. That afternoon she had a fever and a new cough. She had a pneumonia with wheezing and was advised hospitalization.

She was unable to find friends or family to help drive her to the hospital. A couple that had been waiting to be seen decided to cancel their appointment and drive Mrs Pat to the hospital. They not only drove her to the emergency room, but drove her car to the hospital and stayed with her til she was admitted. Mrs Pat was so thankful for the kindness of these strangers.

The paralytic and Mrs Pat found help via friends and strangers. lt was scary for both to be in a situation they had no control, and to fear about their health . The solitude of their illnesses made them more vulnerable .

Many times we are faced with doing good for the sake of Christ. How would we treat Jesus? How would Jesus treat us? What are we willing to give up, give away or be inconvenienced for a friend, much less a stranger? The Holy Spirit was present in both scenarios, fulfilling the love that only He could give.

Next time we feel content, we should comfort someone in need. Next time we see someone struggling, we should not hang our heads and avoid making eye contact but reach out to the most vulnerable.

In the Top Secret II , What is your purpose of your life on earth?, one can find " A soul in which the Holy Spirit dwells is never weary in the presence of God: his heart gives forth a breath of love." (The Catechism on the Holy Spirit- St John Marie Vianney, PAPA patron saint)

Wherever a good deed is done, one can always find Jesus because it is in those times that God has recruited us to help others see Him.

God Bless You.


PAPA Foundation
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