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Do not work for food that perishes

but for the food that endures for eternal life,

which the Son of Man will give you.


When I went to high school we did not have college preparatory night nor did we meet with counsellors regarding what career path to take. We did not take classes to improve our scores for the ACT or the SAT. My advisors were my friends and my parents. So our career paths were along the path of our strong suits. Money earning degree never crossed my mind as we were the first generation to go to college. We did know that a college degree ensured a better occupation and more earning potential. There was an opportunity to make more in life, better home, better car and more physical things.

What do we work for in life? That which perishes or is for eternity? In my post higher education life, I worked for a better living which meant financial prosperity. God, Mass, and the Ten Commandments took a back seat when I went to college. Most of my adult life was spent pursuing that which had little value for eternity.

Eternity took a back seat to life here on earth. Yes to a better car, nicer home, vacations, clothes, nicer meals. None of these are bad but none would get me to heaven. Indeed I was distracted from all that the nuns and my parents taught me. Somewhere along my pilgrimage, I listened to the whisperings of the Holy Spirit and allowed Him to lead me to be most comfortable with God: Talking about God, writing about my love for God, being generous and sharing all that God has given me. Working toward charity that is eternal finally has me seeing the difference between earthly achievements and eternal victory.

Let God pursue you and soon you will be pursuing Him.

Blessed are they who follow the law of the Lord!

(Psalm 119)

God Bless You


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