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He took away our infirmities

and bore our diseases.


Visits to the Blessed Sacrament by St Alphonsus Liguori sets the tone for the hour of adoration.

As I read, "Can I hold back any longer from giving myself entirely to Your love and Your wishes?... Today, with the help of your grace, I resolve to give You all the pleasure I possiblly can, by trampling underfoot all human respect, all my natural likes and dislikes, my own convenience, everything which may keep me from pleasing you perfectly."

At Mass I heard-- in all things give thanks to God.

The Lord visited Abraham and he gave them water, food and rest--the best steer, rolls. He in turn received the announcement of the birth his child in a year. He believed though Sarah laughed.

The centurion had compassion and profound faith. Jesus said," You may go; as you have believed, let it be done for you.

All the above is fine and dandy and great for meditation. However, how does it apply to me as I stand in line at the Geek squad with a sick computer. Totally inconvenient, had to change my day's plans. I could be doing so much more with my time, but, I am to give thanks in all things, be attentive to God and be giving and compassionate with complete trust in God.

How is inconvenience going to help me? It was not my will to be inconvenienced but God gave me many gifts for the hour I waited. He taught me patience with the customers, the attendants and myself. He taught me that in our ups and downs to always think and remember God. The computer problem was an easy fix; though I was a "walk in " I was seen in an hour. In everything, in every moment, big or small, the Holy Spirit is always working to make us better people.

St Junipero Serra

St Junipero Serra is our saint of the day. He overcame difficulties while preaching the Word of God and founding nine missions. He walked 250 miles, walking the path that God had set out for him. Nothing could stop his mission.

May we walk the path God gives us, with joy and complete abandonment.

God bless you


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