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One of our members asked our spiritual advisor, Father Michael Joseph Nguyen Truongluan, C.Ss.R a question.

Good morning Father Michael, and everybody, God bless you

Our pastor had a very interesting homily this morning.

On the first reading (Gn 22:1b-19), he made a comment on verse 17:

"your descendants will take possession of the gates of their enemies"

and tied it to Matthew 16:18:

"And so I say to you, you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of the netherworld shall not prevail against it."

He explained to us that is not that evil would not enter the Church, but that we as Christians need to go rescue those captured by the evil one and bring them to Christ.

That totally blew my mind.

What do y'all think?



Father Michael:

Dear Maria:

God bless you. Thank you for your insightful questions.

Let's take the question to another level.

(1) We tend to think that evil is outside, either in hell, in the world or in somebody else.

(2) How about in our own self and soul?!

(3) Where does evil come from?

How is it that our society and culture now have become so immoral, by allowing the killing of the innocent pre-born babies and the elderly when they are no longer productive or permitting man and man, woman and woman to live in an unnatural, God-defying, animalistic licentious relationship?

How it it that Pride the HEAD DEADLY SIN of the Seven Capital Sins becomes the celebration of the American culture?!

How is it that the Month of the Sacred Heart which celebrates the MEEKNESS and HUMILITY of Jesus's Heart now has become a month for PRIDE everywhere? If you dare say anything against it, you will immediately become a target for attack?

How is it that we Americans have only one day to celebrate our Independence or Thanksgiving or Christmas, but suddenly we have 30 days to celebrate PRIDE in the month of June?

But ask yourself what is the cause for this PRIDE of the American people? What are the American people so proud of? LUST! Yes, it is SODOMY!

The whole month of June has become a month to celebrate SODOMY. Is that true or not?

If you do not believe this reality, go to any Starbuck store, you will see balloons with a gigantic sign: PRIDE!

So back to the question, where does evil come from?

Not from the outside, but inside our heart, our mind, in particular our own free-will.

Jesus came to save us from the evil and hell we create in and for ourselves.

Fight first the evil in you, Maria.

It's called repentance.

There will be no pardon or forgiveness without atonement.

Pax Christi


PAPA Foundation
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