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"...the skin of his face had become radiant while he conversed with the Lord,...they were afraid to come near him."


They all knew Moses from the time he lived among them in Egypt. They knew his quirks, mannerisms, stuttering, maybe perhaps that he had killed someone. After all, they travelled 4-6 months with him. He was their leader and yet they managed to lead themselves further away from God.

Moses knew that alone he could not handle the crowd. So he spent time with God, alone, communion with God.

So why would the people be afraid of Moses?

He was different now...Was his face radiant because he spoke with God or because God spoke with him?

Am I like Moses or like the people? When people speak to us do they see the Lord, do they see Love or do they see fickleness, unfaithfulness, passive aggressive attitudes, superiority or fakery?

Moses was a changed man of constant faithfulness who met with God frequently, getting instruction from Him, and advocating on the part of others. He abandoned his desires and handed them over completely into God's hands.

Do we want people to see the shallow person in us, putting on airs, as we do "religious things", but yet not be kind, caring or considerate of what we do, say or treat others? Do we want to walk away from our past?

Decide now if you want to shine in the love of God or be a fickle, feckless friend of the world. Do we prefer to be difficult, indifferent or unwelcoming?

Do we opt for the routine, vainglory or some other human motive?

Be an encouragement to others.

Redirect your lives.

Seek to become a better person with His help.

Prepare for the "God glow".

Talk with God face to face in Holy Adoration.

Let His love be the source of our radiance.

Invite God into your hearts so He can change us from the inside out.

God bless you


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