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DAY 09

DAY 09

O Saint Joseph dear,

Protector be near.

I devote myself

To your loving care.

Nothing do I have

As worthy a gift

But only myself:

I give you my life,

My eyes and my heart,

My ears and my lips,

My soul and my mind,

All I am and own.

From now on till death,

Take it for yourself.

O Holy Joseph,

You took the Virgin,

Mary and her Son,

the Unborn Jesus,

the Eternal Word,

Savior of the World,

Into your own home.

Take me in as well.

Let me stay and dwell

In your family

As your child and serf

To the Eucharist.

O Most Chaste Joseph,

You did guard, protect

The Sacred pur'ty

For our Blest Lady;

The Holy Silence

For Her Son, Jesus.

Do protect and guard

My soul in silence

My heart in stillness

My mind in meekness

My body in cleanness.

Make me so zealous

Loving inner life

Living pure and chaste

That I only gaze

His Most Holy Face

Your own Son, Jesus.


Dear Father Joseph,

Terror of Demons,

On hearing your name,

They tremble in shame,

Running to escape!

Save me from their traps

All their temptations,

All their wiles and tricks.

Let me not upset

Jesus, your own Son,

Mary, ever bless'd.

Help me to fulfill

The will of the Lord

In humble service.

In meekness, you did.


O Saint Joseph dear,

Protector be near

My hour of death,

Help me breathe my last

Calling out the Name

Jesus Christ, my Lord

My Savior, My God. Amen.

Patron of Family: Piety

"When the days were completed for their purification according to the law of Moses, they took him up to Jerusalem to present him to the Lord, just as it is written in the law of the Lord, “Every male that opens the womb shall be consecrated to the Lord,” and to offer the sacrifice of “a pair of turtledoves or two young pigeons,” in accordance with the dictate in the law of the Lord." ~ (Luke 2:23-24).

Case in point: what is the point of being a man, a husband and a father without devoting his life to serve his family? But how would a man be able to serve the family without devoting his life to serve the Lord God, the author of the first family?

Did God not make Eve, the woman and bring her to Adam to be his wife? Without the Lord God giving her hands to Adam, there wouldn't be marriage and family. Without commanding them to "Be fertile and multiply," there wouldn't be children and joy (Genesis 1:28). So what is a family in the eyes of God? What is it for?

First of all, God creates the family; therefore it must be founded on God and can only thrive in God. In a word, the family is made for God.

Second, God is spirit; therefore God creates the family to nurture the spirit and be nurtured by the grace of the Holy Spirit. In a word, it is made for grace.

Third, God is holy; therefore God creates the family to foster holiness and be holy. In a word, it is made for sanctity.

Fourth, God is life; therefore God creates the family to raise and rear life. In a word, it is made for the freedom of living.

Fifth, God is charity; therefore God creates the family to be the cradle of charity. In a word, it is made for love in service.

Sixth, God is truth; therefore God creates the family to be Godlike in truth. In a word, it is made for Jesus, the Truth.

Seventh, God is eternal bliss; therefore God creates the family for eternal joy. In a word, it is made for heaven.

The man of the house has the duty to ensure the sevenfold sacred purpose of the family to be carried out. St. Joseph not only fosters Jesus as His father, but undertakes the task as the Patron of the Holy family.

What does that mean? A patron is the one who advocates for those who are under his protection. And what does this entail?

First of all, a patron sponsors them. Where would the Virgin Mary and her Unborn Child Jesus go without Joseph sponsoring them and taking them into his life and making them his family? Practically, wherever he goes, they follow.

Second, a patron speaks for them. Didn't Joseph do so when the town-folks asked, "Whose son is Jesus?" His answer is simply: "Mine."

When asked what is your name, what would the Infant Lord say? Jesus. And who gave Him that name? Who else but Joseph (Matthew 1:25b).

Third, a patron pays for them. At the temple when he offered the sacrifice to the Lord, according to the Law of Moses, in order to ransom the first-born, everyone recognized that Jesus was Joseph's son.(Exodus 13:14-15). Imagine that. Joseph was one and only the redeemer of the Most Holy Redeemer of the world! Literally!

As the Patron of the Family, St. Joseph advocates, intercedes, sponsors, speaks on behalf of and pays for those under his care. Most importantly, he helps the family fulfill its sevenfold sacred mission.

How are you taking advantage of his patronage?

What does that mean to you?

Your reflection.

Stop! Stay still for six seconds. Take a deep breath... say slowly:


The Saints on St. Joseph

“Joseph was deeply pious, he prayed much for the coming of the Messiah.” ~ Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich

“Whoever fails to find a Master to teach him how to pray, should choose this glorious Saint, and he will not go astray.” ~

St. Teresa of Avila

“Make St. Joseph the patron of your family and you will soon have tangible proof of his protecting hand.” ~St. Peter Julian Eymard

“St. Joseph is patron of vocations, so pray to him for the grace of fulfilling your duties well and of directing your children in their path of life. Inspire them with devotion to St. Joseph. It will bring them happiness.” ~ St. Peter Julian Eymard

Our Father...

St. Joseph: Patron of the Family.

Advocate for us. (3X)

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