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As many of you know, our prayer cards, ProLife booklets, and many activities that we organize are free of charge.

Besides our daily prayers for the holiness of the priesthood, we support several ProLife activities, as well as our PAPA Joe committee to help those in very desperate situations, especially the poor in Venezuela.

 A love offering to help us defray costs and expenses is always greatly appreciated. As a non-profit organization, we rely on your generosity to help us cover expenses such as printing and shipping or prayer cards, rental of retreat venues, catered meals, speaker travel expenses, etc.


You can help us by sending us a check, or directly from your online bank via Zelle.  Just type, “Priest Always Prayer Apostolate”, and the email  Or by scanning the QR code from your Zelle app.

Thank you so much,

God bless your generosity!

PAPA Foundation
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