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do we need to pray for priests?

Indeed, priests are supposed to pray for the  people, why should we pray for them? St. John Vianney, the Universal Patron of Priests, has this to say: “A priest goes to Heaven or a priest goes to Hell with a thousand people behind.”

Do you want to go to heaven? But of course. That is why we need to pray for priests.

In our own life we have either known personally or heard about the priests who are good and holy but also those who are bad and ugly. Lately we cannot avoid  hearing the countless allegations against Catholic priests everywhere. In face of this crisis there are three options we could take: We could ignore it and be indifferent      because it’s none of my business; or we could join societal crusade against priests and  demand justice; or we could pray for the priests to take responsibility for their life and be accountable for their deeds.

PAPA chooses to take the third stand. We want priests to be holy like Christ. We want to see priests who adore Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist, who love His Church and who are willing to live and lay down their life for His people.

PAPA Foundation
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