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We have all felt the pain, agony and the bravery of the Ukrainian people. It is hard not to see as there are so many pictures and videos of the ravages of this senseless war that have affected so many people. The governments are working on diplomatic means to end the war and alleviate the plight of the refugees. Many of us want to help the people of Ukraine.

Many agencies are helping. PAPA has strong ties with the Redemptorists.

There are Redemptorists located in Tschernihiv in the north of Ukraine and Berdyansk in the east of Ukraine as well as Lviv and several locations close to the Polish border.

The Redemptorists in Ukraine are offering shelter, food and medical support to those travelling away from the conflict and towards border areas. The Redemptorists of the Lviv Province in Ukraine are working on the ground with both locals and refugees fleeing the war. They are supporting people with counselling, the sacraments, and prayer. Redemptorist churches and monasteries are open to provide support, temporary shelter, and food for refugees on their way to Poland or Romania.

The Redemptorists have started a fundraising appeal to assist Ukrainians fleeing the country and to buy essentials.

If we want to donate to the Redemptorists and their work in helping and dealing with both the physical and spiritual needs of the Ukrainians, you can donate with a check to the Redemptorists. The monies will be used to help the refugees and also Poland dealing with the influx of refugees. The donations are directed to the Redemptorist offices in Washington, DC

All checks should be made out to:


Fr. Paul Borowski

3112 7th Street NE;

Washington, DC 20017.

and include in the memo line: UKRAINE RELIEF

Funds will be sent to the Redemptorist General Government in Rome who will make sure they go to the Redemptorists in the Ukraine.

These donations are tax deductible and receipts will be issued. Donations will be sent to the Redemptorists in Ukraine via secure channels as soon as possible.

May God continue to bless all especially during Lent. May our fasting, praying and almsgiving bring hope to the people of Ukraine.

PAPA is passing this information out for all to know.

God bless you


PAPA Foundation
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