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by St. Alphonsus Liguori

O Blessed Virgin, * Immaculate Queen of Heaven, *Mother of Sorrows, *refuge and comfort of all the afflicted!

Kneeling before your throne with all my family, *I choose you as our Mistress, Mother, and Advocate with God.*

I consecrate myself and all belonging to me forever to your service,* and I implore you, O Mother of God, *to number us among your servants.*

Take us under your protection, *assist us during life and especially at the hour of death.*

Mother of Mercy,* I choose you as the Lady and Mistress of my entire household:* my parents, *my spouse,* my children,* my cares, *and my duties.

Disdain not to take charge of them, *and direct everything as seems good to you.*

Bless us all, *and permit not that anyone of us should ever offend your Son.*

Protect us in temptation,* preserve us in danger, *help us in trouble, *counsel us in doubt, *assist us in sickness, *and especially at the hour of death.*

Permit not the evil one to boast that anyone of us now consecrated to you has ever fallen into his net.*

Obtain for us the crown of eternal happiness, *that we may thank you while praising and loving Jesus Christ, our Redeemer, for all eternity.


So it be.

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