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The Calvary of the innocents

Today marks two weeks since Valentine’s Day.

Many women will find themselves in an unplanned pregnancy. A crisis pregnancy. And will think that their only option is to abort their babies.

Have you ever heard the holocaust story “Sing a Little Louder”?

Google it.

It recounts how every week on Sundays a train carrying Jewish prisoners will cry for help as it passed by a German town. The townspeople did not know what to do, and tried to distance themselves from the cries and wailing coming from the cattle cars.

Since they knew exactly the time the train will come, they started singing very loud at Church. Every time a little louder. So the cries would stop tormenting them.

How do we drown the cries of the voiceless today?

By our own acedia.

Yes, busyness, not industriousness, is another form of sloth. Of drowning what really matters with too many activities we never have, or make the time to do what we should really be doing.

We make ourselves busy. We don’t have time. We don’t make time.

It is true, we work, take care of our families, etc.

Still, there is prayer. The Rosary for the unborn. Say a prayer every day with your family during the 40 Days for Life.

Talk to your kids, family, and friends about what is happening in our country.

If you cannot attend a prayer vigil during the week, there are always the weekends.

Support your pastor in Pro-Life matters.

Last, help your local Pregnancy Resource Center, or Crisis Pregnancy Center.

Do something. Don’t just “Sing A Little Louder”

PAPA Foundation
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