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Scripture Reading Reflection

The stone rejected by the builders has become the cornerstone. Psalm 118:22. I would like to tell you a story. In the early years of my hospital training, I had an encounter with someone who left a mark on my life and outlook.

He was 31 years old.

They said there would be no point to treat him as his symptoms have gone on for too long, and it is too little too late.

They said he would never walk again.

They said he would not benefit from rehabilitation because he has no capacity to retain information with his Down's Syndrome.

A year later, he proved them all wrong.

Harry* walks independently without any aids, he just prefers company.

He takes care of his personal needs, he feeds and cleans himself.

He sings joyfully the national anthem and at times, Meatloaf's classic "I'd Do Anything for Love".

He greets all that walk by with the biggest and brightest smile and by their name if he has met them before. It dissipated our time-poor, high-pressured days and brought everyone on the ward much joy.

The biggest joy and privilege of all is that Harry promises to remember me when he goes to heaven.

The last shall be first.

And I am blessed to have met a "first" in heaven who will intercede for me.

I am blessed to have seen the face of Christ.

This paradox of “the rejected” being the chosen ones to whom God shows His favour is captivating. They give us more than anything we can ever give them. They draw us into the mystery of the eternal loving presence of Jesus Christ if we are open to them.

How many times have I missed seeing Jesus by turning away from the homeless asleep on the street corner? How many times have I missed Him in my overlooking the forgotten elderly living alone? How many times have I missed Him in my dismissive attitude towards the unborn?

Jesus Christ did not only live among the poor and the rejected, He identified and became the poor and the rejected. And through Him we gain salvation.

Let us pray, We give you thanks, O Lord, for You are good. Your love has no end.

I will thank you for you have given answer

and You are my saviour. The stone which the builders rejected

has become the corner stone.

This is the work of the Lord,

a marvel in our eyes. Blessed in the name of the Lord

is He who comes. We bless You from the house of the Lord;

I will thank You for You have given answer

and You are my saviour.

Give thanks to the Lord for He is good;

for His love has no end.

(Psalm 118) Jesus, we ask for the grace to not miss the encounters with You in our lives today and every day. Amen.

*name has been changed

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