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Scripture Reading Reflection

Scriptural Reflections “Do not let your hearts be troubled.” John 14:1

This quote is taken from the Gospel of John as part of the loving dialogue Jesus has with His apostles on the night of His arrest and trial. I’ve always seen it to be like parting words Our Lord leaves us so as to comfort us before He takes up his Cross and journey back to the Father. There may be many occasions in our lives where events in our personal life and around the world leave us troubled and without peace. Jesus knows they can trigger our worries, anxieties, confusion and loneliness. In these times I’m learning to return back to the interior of my own heart, to listen and seek the presence of Jesus, because God is the only source of true peace.

Peace is not just the absence of worries, anxieties, confusion and loneliness, but the indwelling presence of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

Our God is a God of silence, of tenderness, and of gentleness. May our Blessed Mother Mary teach us to listen in silence and openness to God like she does.

May we rest our hearts firmly in Jesus, come what may.

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