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On the Feast of the Visitation

What a wonderful, and Pro-Life Feast the Visitation is.

On one hand, soon after the Incarnation, Mary, the Mother of God, goes in haste to the hill country to help her older relative, Elizabeth, who is pregnant.

Mary, who should be treated like a queen, acts like a servant.

Upon getting to Elizabeth's home, the child inside her womb leaps with joy (Luke 1:44)

Think about this.

The Greeks, and other ancient people, believed that unborn children were part of the woman's body.

Instead, here we have, the first person to recognize Jesus was an unborn child. A person separate from his mother.

All these without the use of modern medicine. Even without the benefit of eyesight.

Do we recognize the humanity and dignity of those born and unborn around us?

Do we recognize the humanity and Divinity of Jesus Christ present in the Eucharist?

Pray an Adoro Te Devote today, and like St. John the Baptist, leap from joy at Jesus incarnation.

PAPA Foundation
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