No Better Than a Pharisee

I am sure at some point or another you have experienced a crying baby at Mass.

When this happens, do you turn around when the baby starts fuzzing?

Or politely try to ignore the cries?

Have you seen a shamed parent run back to the cry room with a screaming toddler?

So, what to do?

Last Sunday, a large family sat on the side of the church. The husband and the older children went on to help and serve at Mass, and the mother was taking care of a few children under the age 10. Including twin girls about 2 years old.

Right away the twins started fuzzing, and demanding mom’s attention. Some people started at them, or tried to ignore them.

Sometime later. Something I have never seen happened.

A woman sitting a few rows in front of them left her pew and approached the overwhelmed mom.

Softly spoke mom, took one of the twins back to her pew, and rocked the baby until calming her down. Until the end of the Mass.

We call ourselves Christian, however, we just stare or ignore. We just do not act.

Unlike many of us, the woman that helped the mom went outside herself and was not thinking on how much the noise bothered her. She truly welcomed this young family into the Mass.

We think on how much the noise bothers us, yet seldom offer to lessen the load of others.

Makes me think, we are no better than Pharisees.

I hope this mom keeps bringing her children into the main church, not just the cry room, so they can experience how the Mass is alive. How her children help make it alive.

You never know. Maybe one day one of her boys might be the priest that will be giving us communion.

#Pharisee #Quiverfull

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