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Saint Paul VI

On October 14, 2018, Pope Paul VI, will be canonized in Rome, Italy.

Pope Paul VI was pope from June 21, 1963 through his death in 1978. His birth name was Giovanni Montini. He succeeded Saint John XXIII and continued with his work on the Second Vatican Council. He interpreted and implemented the mandates of the Second Vatican Council started by Saint John XXIII.

His position on birth control and the dignity of the human body were in the 1968 encyclical Humanae Vitae. There were many Catholics who did not agree with his position against birth control.

He called for a more missionary church, he implemented synods and oversaw liturgical reform. He stated that the church had a constant need of being evangelized--that Catholic leaders needed to practice what they preached.

He was the first pope to come to the United States. He spoke in front of the United Nations declaring, " No more war". He was the first since Saint Peter to go to the Holy Land.

"No more war! Never again war!! If you wish to be brothers, drop your weapons.."

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