I must thank my earthly mom for praying my way through a difficult situation when I could not do it myself. It wasn’t until after I told my mother the problem when, and with some time, things began to change for me. My problem began to dissolve.

🌹 Thank you ,mom, for your prayers and devotion to the Holy Eucharist and your one, holy hour of weekly adoration to our Lord in the Blessed Eucharist. 🌹

Our Blessed Mother, also the mother of God, wants to help us too! We need to tell her our problems. She is our mother! Mary was a great mom to Jesus and Jesus respected her. Mary spent and still spends many hours with her son, Jesus. Mary used the power of motherhood to nurture and care for Jesus and she desires to care for us, too. We are Mary’s children. I’ve never known a mom who didn’t want the best for her family. Mary wants the best for us. We should discuss things with our heavenly mother.

Think of the things we have done for our mother. A sweet example and an event I remember is picking wildflowers from our yard and running to give them to my mother. Mom would flash a big smile at me and receive them.

Another occasion I remember playing in that yard with my siblings and running to mom to tell her about when something was not going well. Mom would walk out with me with her serious face and her hands on her hips and say “ what’s going on out here?”. Moms have a way of fixing things. It took me going to tell her that I had a problem. Mom needed to know I needed her help otherwise she allowed me to handle things myself.

Thinking about the power my own earthly mother had over me, and then multiply Mary's motherly power times eternity that our Holy Mother has over me. That’s power!

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