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Memorial of Saint Agatha, Virgin and Martyr

Mass Readings:

“Don’t lose heart in your struggle against sin”(Heb12:4), “Daughter, your faith has saved you”(Mk 5:34), and then again “Do not be afraid; just have faith.”(Mk 5:36)


After reading today’s Scriptures I am encouraged and hopeful. I am encouraged that God’s love is so great that if we persevere in avoiding sin and have faith, we will see our reward at the end of the race.

Have you ever run in a race? I ran in a 10 km (6.2 miles) race a few years ago. There were thousands of runners. The fastest runners lined up in the front of all the other runners. I was in the back of the lineup. Everyone was ready for the gun shot to start the race and then we were off. It was exciting. I kept my eyes on the front runner, while I ran a steady pace. As we finished the first 2 miles, those runners who were in front of me had slowed down. I began to pass many of them. Then there were hills to climb. More runners slowed to a walk. Many times, I had to dodge around people who had slowed to a walk to avoid falling over them. Now I was half way to the front runners. I just concentrated on my breathing and the runners up ahead. Then there were the dogs excitedly biting at my heels. Before I realized it, we were a mile from the finish line. I had trained for months to enter the race. So, I believed I could finish and in good place.

It seems like this time on earth is fleeting. Almost as short as it takes to run a 10 km race compared to eternity. The temptations and our own will may distract our focus on Jesus leading us to the end. Still we need to stay strong and have

faith that Jesus will lead us to His heavenly Kingdom.


PAPA Foundation
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