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Here are some facts:

(1) Fact: As PAPA missionaries, we question everything without mercy, especially our fear.

(2) Fact: That we do not have the medicine or vaccine for the Corona virus, yet!

(3) Fact: The first report came by a man named Chen of the Wuhan City in China, that he had the Corona virus. It was on December 8, 2019.

(4) Fact: The first person who died from this virus in the marketplace of Wuhan city fell on December 12, 2019.

(5) Fact: Both dates are Marian Feast days. The first was the Immaculate Conception; the second, Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Ask yourselves: is our Holy Mother telling us something?

(5) Fact: The Communist Government has been destroying churches and incarcerated so many Christians in China, but no one noticed or reported. Is Mary saying something to us?

(6) Fact: we are closing down Churches and stopping people going to MASS! Why? For fear of infection!

(7) Fact: the Church is where God is present. Why do we stop people from going to Church and Masses to pray to God?

(8) Fact: There is no vaccine for Coronavirus. The only place that people could come for consolation and cure is NOT the hospital, but GOD in Churches.

(9) Bishops and priests are afraid. They SEEM NOT to promote FAITH and FACTS, but rather fear!

(10) Fact: they are not promoting PRAYERS: Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplets, NOVENAS - in particular to St. Joseph and Eucharistic Adoration; but instead they say: STAY AWAY FROM CHURCHES and GOD!

Am I exaggerating?

Yes or no?

(11) Fact: the only country in the world that promotes MORE PRAYERS and MORE MASSES is POLAND. The Conference of Bishop of POLAND just announced it.

(12) Fact: we fear. Why? Death?

(13) Fact: We believe. How much? How real is our faith, especially that of the Bishops and priests? Does this faith show or manifest itself?

(14) IMPORTANT FACT: PAPA must see the need to pray for BISHOPS and PRIESTS to have FAITH and put their FAITH in GOD, not in their FEAR.

When the Head of the Churches are afraid, panic entails.

Please PRAY FOR YOUR LOCAL BISHOPS AND PRIESTS to have FAITH and may they show it to the people.

(15) Fact: When there was a plague in Europe, Saint Charles Borromeo went out searching for sick people to bless them, to hear their confession, and anoint them. He was fearless. He died for Christ and His people.

We need Bishops and Priests who want to imitate Saint Charles Borromeo. Not fear but FAITH in the FACT that GOD IS IN CHARGE.

Let us intensify our prayers.

I recommend the KITCHEN to look for the NOVENA to Saint Joseph and post it online so we all could pray it.

We have only 7 more days before the Feast day of Saint Joseph, the Protector of the Universal Church, and the Savior of the SAVIOR of the world and the Mother of God.

Pax Christi


PAPA Foundation
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