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Love Is a Repose That Refreshes

LOVE is also called "in labor rest, in mourning comfort". Love is repose that refreshes, because the principal office of love is to unite the will of the lover to that of the beloved one. To a soul that loves God, in every affront it receives, in every sorrow it endures, in every loss which happens to it, the knowledge that it is the will of its beloved for it to suffer these trials is enough to comfort it. It finds peace and contentment in all tribulations merely by saying, "This is the will of my God". This is that peace which surpasses all the pleasures of sense, "the peace of God, which surpasseth all understanding" (Phil. 4:7). St. Mary Magdalene of Pazzi merely by saying "The will of God" was always filled with joy.

In this life everyone must carry his cross. But as St. Teresa says, the cross is heavy for him who drags it, not for him who embraces it. Thus our Lord knows well how to strike and how to heal: "He woundeth, and cureth" as Job said (5:18). The Holy Spirit, by his sweet unction, renders even ignominies and torments sweet and pleasant: "Yea, Father; for so hath it seemed good in Thy sight" (Matt. 11:26). Thus ought we to say in all adversities that happen to us: "So be it done, Lord, because so hath it pleased Thee". And when the fear of any temporal evil that may befall us, alarms us, let us always say: "Do what though wilt, my God; whatever though doest, I accept it all". And it is a very good thing to offer oneself thus constantly during the day to God, as St. Teresa did.

Affections and Prayers

O my God, how often have I opposed and despised Thy will to do my own. I am sorry for this evil more than for any other. Henceforward, O Lord, I will love Thee with all my heart. "Speak Lord, for Thy servant heareth". Make me know what Thou wouldst have me do and I will do it all. I will always desire and love nothing but Thy will.

O Holy Spirit, help my weakness. Thou art goodness itself: how can I love anything but Thee? Ah! may Thy holy love draw my whole heart to Thee! I leave all things to give myself entirely to Thee. Accept me and help me.

O my Mother Mary, I trust in thee.


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