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"Blessed are those who have not seen and have believed.”


"....whoever approaches the Fount of Life on this day (Divine Mercy Sunday)will be granted complete remission of sins and punishment" (Diary 300) On this day we may be granted a plenary indulgence (the remission of temporal punishment due for sins which have already been forgiven) if we go to confession 8 days before or 8 days after Divine Mercy Sunday, receive Holy Communion, pray for the intentions of the Pope, and participate in prayers and devotions held in honor of Divine Mercy in any Church or chapel.

God is all merciful!

The Chaplet of Divine Mercy was dictated to St Faustina by the Lord Jesus Himself on September 13-14, 1935 as a prayer of atonement and for appeasement of God's wrath.

This prayer, by humble and persevering souls for themselves and others, is itself a work of mercy: At the hour of death we are promised the grace of conversion and a peaceful death. "When this Chaplet is said by the bedside of a dying person, God's anger is placated, unfathomable mercy envelops the soul."

(Diary, 811).

"It pleases Me to grant everything they ask of Me by saying the Chaplet" (Diary, 1541)....if what you ask for is compatible with My will."

(Diary, 1731)

Referencing to saying the prayer at 3 pm, Jesus promised: "In this hour you can obtain everything for yourself and for others for the asking; it was the hour of grace for the whole world--mercy triumphed over justice". (Diary, 1572).

St Faustina laid down her life in sacrifice for sinners, to come to the aid of their souls. Treated for respiratory and gastrointestinal tuberculosis, at the age of 33 she succumbed to her tuberculosis. She was mystically united with God. Uneducated, frail and sickly, God chose her to proclaim His message of mercy.

...."make known to souls the great mercy that I have for them, and to exhort them to trust in the bottomless depth of My mercy". (Diary, 1567)

We are not to forget God's merciful love for man.

Spread the devotion.

Happy Divine Mercy Sunday!!

"Jesus I trust in you."

(Diary, 47)

God bless you!


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