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Father Anthony Nkyi is from Ghana. Every year he visits Sugar Land Texas on his vacation. He serves and shares his gifts at St Theresa Catholic Church in Sugar Land, Texas when he is in town. He has been a priest for 27 years.

Father Anthony was born in Assin Biofuyedur, in central region of Ghana. He grew up one mile away from his birthplace in Assin Endwe, Ghana. His father was Catholic and His Mother was Methodist.

At a tender age of 7 he wanted to be a priest. He began as an altar server. He went to St Theresa Minor Seminary (high school) in Accra from 1980-1987 and completed ordinary and advanced levels in 1985 and 1987 respectively.

Having discerned to be a priest, he entered St Paul Major Seminary in Accra studying Spirituality and Philosophy from 1988-1990. He continued at St Peter's Major Seminary from 1990 to 1994 studying theology and pastoral work. He was ordained a transitional deacon in 1993 and ordained a priest in November 12, 1994 by Archbishop Tuckson who is now a Cardinal.

During his years of discernment to intensify his spiritual life, Father fasted three times a week on either bread and water or one meal a day and daily adoration. He attributes his love and service to God because of these practices.

His mother was told by so many women about her son’s work in the villages that she converted to Catholicism four years after he became a priest. She now is a very strong Marian devotee. His father died 3 years ago having served in the military for twenty years.

Father Anthony works in many villages in Ghana, establishing churches, teaching the children and adults in the catholic faith. He deals with a lot of hungry children and low income families. He pays for their food and school whenever he can.

He says two masses per day -- one for the children and one for the adults. After Sunday 6:30 am Mass he serves breakfast for the children before they go to catechism classes. “We have to give them some bread and beverage to help them”, he says.

His passion is to focus on the young children and the youth and enable them to grow in their Catholic faith. Every year the children go on retreat and he raises funds to help pay for them.

We asked Father how does he know our prayers for priests are helping him. He says the proof is in the fruits. The relationship with God broadens and though there may be some impediments, the people become more united with more zeal even though there might be a lot of struggles. In the simplicity of life, The Holy Spirit is quite powerful. God does many things thru the Eucharist, Mary, the rosary and adoration. Your effectiveness is in how people are helped.

He called PAPA “burden bearers” or intercessors. He is quite impressed that there are people who actually take an interest in the priest, his life and his needs. It is a blessing to think more about others rather than themselves. We carry the priests’ burdens and that also has a lot of implications. He is impressed that there are people who actually offer their time to pray for others.

He always remembers us because he has PAPA literature on his desk and shares with others. He will offer his masses and prayers for us, even asking for the names of members who need prayers.

His mission and project this year is to collect Catholic bibles for the children and their parents but also for those in surrounding areas. He wants to deepen the faith of the children---children of Jesus not just in his parish but all children around the villages.

And for his legacy he just wants to be remembered as a priest who with his gifts helps people spiritually and in humanitarian purposes. He loves to be a priest. He gives all he has and does not want to see children suffer.

He needs catholic bibles for his many villages, prayers so that more churches may be built and food for the hungry children.

We thank you, Father Anthony, for your priesthood and your love for the Eucharist and the children of God.


PAPA Foundation
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