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"I was blind and now I see."

God shows kindness to those who love Him and keep His commandments. We forget how much He loves us. Some remember Him only when we need or want something. Some forget His glory, His salvation, the miracles, the Promised Land, His Word, His joy. We continue on complaining and testing Him, saying "If you are really with us you will provide".

There is an adage that says, "There are none as blind as those who refuse to see". Jesus performs a physical healing showing compassion to one who lived in darkness all his life. And in the process, the once blind beggar sees the glory of God.

In our haste we do not see the injustices of the world. We have become accustomed to the poor, the homeless, abortion on demand, transgenderism, woke mentality, sodomy, no God in our schools, Catholics who profess to be God fearing yet they do all they can to anger God and disobey His commandments.

Instead of pointing fingers at others' sins, look and see our blind spots: arrogant pride, disdain for the differences from one another, quick judgments, provoking others to sin, callousness, coldness, indifference, greed, distrust, gossip and choosing to be poor examples of God's love.

Heal our blindness and help us see one another as you see them, Lord.

God Bless You


PAPA Foundation
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