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"Do not forget the works of the Lord"


"Do not forget the works of the Lord"

My mother lived with us the last years of her life. She had not been a fan of my husband, finding fault in little but many things he did or did not do.

Little acts of kindness by my husband won her over and quickly I realized I no longer held "favored child" status at my home. They actually developed a loving relationship.

She liked to drink Dr Pepper, so he kept her supplied. She would leave her mail at a particular spot and he knew he had to mail her letters. He would take her for her doctor's appointment if I was not able. They had long conversations.

A mere few acts of kindness and he won her over. She never forgot his goodness and jokingly would refer to him as the "family saint".

Remember the motto of St Francis de Sales,

"Everything with love, nothing by force."

In Psalms 78 we read, "Do not forget the works of the Lord". Jesus was tortured, debased, humiliated for us. We continue to sin, to be wicked, rebellious, and break all His commandments and laws. Yet, His love is patient, kind and merciful, full of compassion for us, forgiving us when we repent. He wants us to share His Life.

What gratitude do we show God? Do we believe that through His Death we are saved? Do we believe in that eating His Blood and Body we can have a divine nature?

Do we remember all He has done and never leave His side? Are we willing to suffer for our faith, go into exile as St Hilary of Poitiers did defending the Holy Trinity.

Remember all He has done for us. Take your cue from the Saints. We are not theologians and can't stand up as St Hilary and defend the Holy Trinity. We can, however, tell all how He has changed us through His Death and Resurrection, through His love and merciful compassion. The Holy Spirit, the power of God, when allowed will push us forward. He will give us the strength as one heart speaks to another.

Become His favored child. Get to know Him even better through the Scriptures, through Tradition, through the eyes of the theologians and saints. Please visit with us Wednesday, at 12 noon CST for FACE ZBS (zoom Bible Study, face to face). You will not regret attending as you fall more and more in love with Him.

God bless you


PAPA Foundation
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