The Dekaena is a 10 day meditation to the Holy Spirit.

It begins 10 days before Pentecost on Ascension Thursday

Our patron saint, St Alphonsus Liguori, wrote it in honor of our Lord’s command to the apostles . He called it the very FIRST RETREAT or PROTO-NOVENA among all novenas because it was the very first one our Lady and the apostles ever did together.

The Risen Lord stayed with the apostles for 40 days and then He ascended into heaven. Before He left he gave the Apostles the order to tarry for the “Promise of the Father “ and the “Power from on high” –the HOLY SPIRIT, and so the apostles and our Lady waited and prayed together for 10 days—which is why St Alphonsus calls it the very FIRST RETREAT.

Why the name Dekaena?

The whole world uses "Novena", loosely translates to "Nine".

Since we pray for 10 days let's use the PAPA weirdly term DEKAENA

or Δέκα ημέρες

Deka iméres

10 Days

Pronounced as: DÊ-KÊ-NA.

These 10 days are a time of preparation for us to receive the Holy Spirit.

Let us pray together with Our Lady and the Apostles and meditate daily on our St. Alphonsus Ligouri's Dekaena to the Holy Spirit.

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