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Do you not yet understand or comprehend?

Three times he said he needed to leave by 1:30. My mind heard 1:30, and immediately concluded I had to cancel my lunch date. His mouth was still talking but I had quit listening. My guilt that I had to cancel a lunch date one more time with her made it impossible for me to understand what was being said.

“Do you not yet understand or comprehend?” God is so patient with us. He knows exactly what is going on in our minds. He speaks sternly to us so that we can find ourselves in the moment, where we are and why we are where we are.

I have ears but do not yet hear. How would I have answered these questions posed by Jesus? With great humility. I sometimes just do not understand.

We each learn and act on our past experiences and emotions but God is calling us to think like Him. Our PAPA Patron Saint John Vianney once said, “ Humility is to the virtues as what the Chain is to the Rosary. Take away the chain and the beads are scattered. Remove humility and all virtues vanish.”

Dishonesty, pride, desire for plaudits are serious adversaries. We need to critically think about all and though we do not judge the heart of others we need to open our ears to hear and eyes to see the many errors of our ways and the ways of the world. NEVER give in to falsehoods, nor harden ourselves to believe what the world says.

What is the false leaven of the world? Men can be women, women can be men, children can have gender surgery, murder of her child is a mother's right, men can compete with women in sports, library approved drag queens story time and influential people are above the law.

Stop this nonsense. Let the Lord be our guide and let the Truth help us hear and see the evil around us. Let God's strength and Wisdom be within us.

God Bless You


PAPA Foundation
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