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A reading from the holy Gospel according to Lk 6:6-11

On a certain sabbath Jesus went into the synagogue and taught, and there was a man there whose right hand was withered. The scribes and the Pharisees watched him closely to see if he would cure on the sabbath so that they might discover a reason to accuse him. But he realized their intentions and said to the man with the withered hand, “Come up and stand before us.” And he rose and stood there. Then Jesus said to them, “I ask you, is it lawful to do good on the sabbath rather than to do evil, to save life rather than to destroy it?” Looking around at them all, he then said to him, “Stretch out your hand.” He did so and his hand was restored. But they became enraged and discussed together what they might do to Jesus.


“Stretch out your hand.”

Not sure why, but I was mischievous as a child. If told no, I did the opposite. If told to stop, I continued. So being in a catholic school, when I heard the words, "Stretch our your hand", I knew it was coming and that I had it coming.

The man with the withered hand, came to Jesus in the synagogue. The scribes and the Pharisees were watching closely, and the man's complete trust in Jesus helped him sidestep the Pharisees when Jesus asked him to come forward.

For my part, to keep the peace, I would have made arrangements to meet the man the next day or somewhere else. Yet, Jesus, filled with His Father's love, and always doing His Will, was in full control over these noncaring Pharisees.

And so not only does He have the man stand up in front of the synagogue, but showed them all that this man was a full member of society. He cured him as well. The man is free to stand, free to worship, free to be part of the synagogue without fear.

Love and mercy healed the man's hand: an outward sign that not only was he physically healed but that the most important healing was his soul and being right with God.

And now without any fear, as in my youth, I stretch forth my hand-- to God --in worship and adoration, in helping my neighbor, outstretching in praying hands, or in holding the rosary in prayer for vocations, priests, the unborn, and for the whole world to know about God. But most important for me, the salvific hand of Jesus crucified on the cross, reaches out to me in forgiveness, love and mercy.

God Bless You.


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