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Good evening,

Does your kitchen smell like pies? Mine does, but unfortunately, I am a messy cook so I have a lot of cleaning to do before I go to bed.

Reminder, that we are having FACEZBS tomorrow, Wednesday November 25, 2020. It is based on the last Sunday of the liturgical year. This happens to be The Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe.

Come prepared to learn more about your faith-- More about God who wrote the Bible. As much as I think I know what the gospel reading is about, there is always a twist, a novel explanation or better awareness of my relationship with God who is seeking me by teaching me.

We share our different homilies that we heard the Sunday before—pastoral, ecclesiastical, political or present day problems. FACEZBS helps us learn the biblical interpretation based on tradition, culture and who and when the gospel was written.

Be prepared to discuss FACEZBS at the Thanksgiving dinner table. It is guaranteed to be much better than discussing politics.

God Bless You

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