(Part 3 of St Gerard Majella biography)

Many miracles are attributed to St. Gerard Majella. He was given the unofficial title of Wonder Worker. Many people went to him with their petitions, their need for prayer and there were many miracles performed. Because of the crowds, he was eventually transferred to Caposele, Italy to work as a porter with the Redemptorists.

As a porter, he fed many beggars, clothed them and gave them wood for the fireplace. No one went away cold or hungry. The peculiar thing is that no one knew where all this food or supplies that he kept giving away came from. Only the Lord and St. Gerard knew.

At Caposele, the Redemptorists were working on a building project and had little money. Brother Gerard prayed very hard for money. On payday, he prayed even harder than usual, and on more than one occasion, out of left field, the money needed for the workmen would come in the nick of time.

His superiors told him that he was not allowed to perform any more miracles without permission. Brother Gerard was known for obedience. Once a workmen fell from the scaffolding of one of the buildings while Gerard was there. He told the man to stop falling, but to stay suspended in mid-air. He rushed to his superior to ask permission to save him. The man waited, in the air, until Gerard found his superior, got permission and returned to have the man descend very gingerly and very slowly to the earth.

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