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After doing so, he went up on the mountain by himself to pray.


Jesus was working, preaching and feeding the people. He was with them for their needs. Afterwards He went up the mountain by Himself to pray. Prayed a long time and when evening came, He was alone. Seeing the apostles with troubles in a windy sea, He helped them. Peter reached out to Jesus, but began to sink when he allowed his fear and the surrounding bad weather change his focus.

Many people think that because they are in a bad way with life, or they have many problems, that God is not interested in them. They lose their focus. A day in the life of Jesus tells us otherwise. Jesus preached to the crowds, fed them via a miracle and tended to their needs. He sent His apostles away so they too could find rest, but trouble was there for them in the sea.

Jesus prayed to His Father and prayed for a long time. How and for what do you suppose He prayed? Was it "give me", "help me", or "why"? He left the world behind and charged up by being alone with His Father.

Without Jesus, the apostles were tired, frustrated and most likely critical of each other not doing their job or why one could not work like the other.

Jesus had no doubt that His Father was with Him. He had no reason to fight against unwelcomed criticism, anger, worries or failures. Notice the gentleness and the composure of Jesus.

Before the end of the trip, He calmed the sea and saved Peter from his ever present fears and doubts. Who would have thought that this same Peter would become the leader of the Church after Jesus ascended into heaven and the Holy Spirit took over.

Pray always and when we are not yet where we want to be, fast and empty yourself of all that drags you down--too much food, play, social media and noise.

Always be aware of the world and what our part has been to place ourselves away from God. Pray throughout the day, pray before going to bed and first thing out of bed embrace the loving heart of Jesus who never leaves you,

God Bless You


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