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PAPA Daily Joyous Blessings!

Today is Wednesday, April 29, 2020.

Alleluia! Christ is Risen!

The PAPA philosophy is to PRAY, SERVE and BLESS (PSB). We pray you will see the blessing you are as you go through your day to PRAY for others, SERVE others, and BLESS others.

Here are the Joyous Blessings for today, from our Spiritual Director, Father Michael:

Here's your 100 EASTER BLESSINGS. Today let us count the Lord's BLESSINGS His creation. Share your love and blessings to the ones you love and hate. Pax Christi

Here's a song of Repentance. Let us look at the Passion of the Lord through the eyes of the Repentant Thief. To receive salvation, we must beg for two essential graces: (1) The grace of repentance (2) The grace of pardon or forgiveness. Many Christians, in particular Catholics, ask for "Forgiveness" or pardon, but never know how to beg for the grace of Repentance. Without the Grace of Repentance, there can be no pardon. Pax Christi


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