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Be ready to receive another "Mind Blowing" Teaching this Wednesday!

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This is just a few of the many comments about these awesome teachings!

I want to thank you Father Michael for today's class.

I learned a lot, these teachings are truly full of theological knowledge, the Holy Spirit really speaks to us about our faith.

Thank you for your time and dedication, Father.

I feel lucky to be a part of Papa.

With the favor of God we will see each other next Wednesday.

Blessings to all.🙏

Fe, Katy,TX

For those who do have time to attend this rare teaching session, please do. In my area, the only scripture studies available are non-Catholic which leads to more confusion about teachings of Our Lady and the Holy Eucharist. So if you are able to, please give learning about the Sacred Scriptures on FACE ZBS a go.

Ann, Brisbane Australia

From PAPA FACE ZBS 9-16-20

A clear and logical explanation of forgiveness thru thinking catholic and reading the Bible.

Through your instruction, the teachings of Christ are coming alive for us.

Thank you for FACE ZBS

God bless you


Richmond, TX

From PAPA FACE ZBS 9-2-20:

Thank you Father Michael for being the “Face of Christ” for us and teaching the Bible in the PAPA FACE ZBS.

How would we find things out about the Holy a scriptures like this today?

How you connected this past Sundays scripture to the Book of Genesis.

Then Peter took Jesus aside and began to rebuke him, “God forbid, Lord! No such thing shall ever happen to you.”

When Jesus says, “Get behind me, Satan!”

The connection with Genesis Ch.3

Blew my mind!!!

And how Jesus is building the New Jerusalem. As he fulfills the Scriptures.

And how the Cross is the Tree of Life!

The Scripture came to life today and makes me want more!!!

God bless you Father Michael.

Thank you so much!

I pray that we all continue to grow deeper in love with God’s Word.


Sugar Land, TX

From FACE ZBS 8-26-20:

Father Michael, what an eye opening session!

Knowing the history and seeing the actual places where Jesus brought His apostles to “unpeal the layers of the Israelite’s historical background to reveal to them Who He is and what their mission will be is brilliant!

God is amazing!

Mary Jo

Richmond, TX

From FACE ZBS 8-12-20:

Thank you, Fr. Michael

for the “Mountain Top “

Experience this afternoon on FACE ZBS !!

God bless you for your beautiful “gift of teaching”!!! 🙏🙏🙏

Marilda, Richmond TX

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