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Salve Father Michael!

God bless you!!!! :-)

Thank you so much for all the time and effort you gave us during the Retreat/Conference. Really appreciate your patience and sacrifice towards us.

When you talked about the vices, and how they affect the body, I asked you about pornography, since it enters through the eyes if the brain was what was affected.

You explained to us about how the industry is damaging. But I think it also has to do with how it affects the person when they cause self-abuse, or they abuse someone else.

I don't think we understand why self-abuse is a sin.

And that is a subject that is not impossible, but very hard to explain to our children.

If possible, let me know if this makes sense or not

Thanks again for all you do for us.

God bless you always!


Shalom Maria:

God bless you and Kevin and the kids.

Great questions.

Here is one answer:

Self-abuse is a sin because you, that is, your soul, body, mind and heart is the image of God.

When you abuse the image of God, what does that mean?

Is that not sinful?

So stop the abuse of self, the image of God.

Watching pornography is a grievous sin. Why?

Watching porn means that

(1) You break the Sixth Commandment.

(2) You are condoning fornication.

(3) You are paying the industry to make these porn films.

(4) You encourage people to commit adultery.

(5) You are promoting abortion and contraception.

(6) You are supporting the culture of death and destroying life, i.e., spiritual and physical and social.

(7) You are destroying your family and the society.

(8) On a personal level, you purposely make your mind dumb and conscience numb. In other words, you dumb and numb yourself.

Are these true or not?

Think on them.

Smell the word.

Pax Christi


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