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Praying is asking the power and grace of God to shine through us.

PRAY FOR POPE FRANCIS PRAY FOR OUR BISHOPS Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler Diocese for his testimony for Life for the unborn Bishop Brendan J. Cahill, Bishop of Victoria, intentions Bishop Daniel Walsh, retired, intentions Bishop Italo Dell'Oro for the Galveston-Houston Archdiocese BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS FOR OUR PAPA PRIESTS July 27 Father Joseph Barbieri Houston, Texas July 28 Father Anthony K Nkyi Sugar Land, Texas

PROFESSION ANNIVERSARIES July 28, 2019 Deacon Francis Loi Houston, Texas July 29, 1995 Father Dang Hoa Houston, Texas July 31, XXXX Father Paul Vu Nguyen Ottawa,Ontario Canada


Glenda Teel, sister of Theresa Kocian, member, with bacterial pneumonia

Scott Barr, son of Mary Jo Barr

Fe Myrna Pena, member, with Covid

Fe Myrna's parents, Horacio Pena and Maria Fe Ceja with Covid.

Pray for the Ramirez and Pena family and Karam Pena with Covid.

Theresa Kocian upcoming knee surgery July 29, 2021 Nellyna Christensen, PAPA member For Tere, PAPA member, who is undergoing chemotherapy. Cindy Junek, friend of PAPA, multiple myeloma Father Roy Oggero for his health

Father Greg Mirto for his health Janey Dubas, friend of Lark Maresh, PAPA member, late stage breast cancer Joyce Knox, mother of Kevin Knox and mother in law of Mary Carmen Knox, cancer Jasmine Quyen Adelaide, PAPA member, successful and safe pregnancy for triplets For India, the priests and the many Indians who have Covid or have died of Covid April Hobson, friend of PAPA, recovery from foot surgery Father John Baptist for health Grace Jones, PAPA member, back problems Sisters Gabriela, Anne Marie and Virginia, friends of Dora Olivo, physical therapy Michael Farrow, nephew of Joan Beauregard, for healing from cancer Ricky Garcia, son of Maria Garcia, PAPA member Maria Garcia, PAPA member, anxiety Valerie Jones, niece of Theresa Kocian PAPA member, Covid Pneumonia Father Augustine, Ugandan priest caring for Covid patients Uganda in battling Covid pandemic. Tina Jackson, friend of Olivia Bannan, member, with pneumonia and anemia Helen Kane, friend of Olivia Bannan, member, pancreatic cancer


That Father John Henry from the Norbertine Abbey in California may meet with the Knox family to hear about PAPA

Father Joseph Tu Dinh, C.Ss.R. for successful four months of missionary work in the Dominican Republic.

Brothers Matthew Binh Thai Vu, C.Ss.R on his first profession of vows

Peter Tan Minh Nguyen, C.Ss.R on his first profession of vows

May they find joy and perseverance in their holy vocation. Mariana Rivas requests prayers for the conversion of Daniel, Christopher, Stephanie and Christian Cerda. For missing niece and grand niece of Sister Heidi, friend of Dora Oliva, missing in Mexico since June 18, 2021. Father Albert G. Glade, OP, transferring from the Convitto Internazionale Rome, Italy to St Dominic Priory in St Louis Missouri in August.

Donald Barrett, PAPA member, for understanding and coping with the demands of old age

Maria Knox, PAPA member, for discernment

For the Knox family on their trip to California evangelizing PAPA PRAY FOR THE REPOSE OF THE SOULS

Mark Ward, neighbor of Denise Lanik, PAPA member died today July 9, 2021 Judy Goff Pittman, PAPA member MARY Jo Barr’s aunt, died in Dallas on July 9th. Molly Jones, daughter in law of Elliott and Grace Jones, died from complications of a heart attack. She leaves behind her husband Elliott and daughter Isadora Jones. Carlos Garcia, nephew of Maria Garcia, PAPA member Rose Marie Drzymala Respondek, mother of Denise Lanik, PAPA member Elvira Merino, mother of Grace Jones, July 12, 2021 Father Joe Carroll, dedicated worker at the St Vincent De Paul Society in San Diego IN THANKSGIVING

For priests--for their continued health, faith and repentance

We give thanks to God that through the priest Christ comes to us to give us life in the sacraments.

OTHER INTENTIONS For the Pope's intentions For Priests serving as Chaplains in the Military For the United States For the end of Abortion For all first responders PAPA Family, here are some suggested prayers and offerings to pray for above intentions: -Our Father -Hail Mary -Glory Be -Offer a Mass -One hour of Adoration -Rosary -BJ Prayer, You can pray continuously BJ (Breathing Jesus) prayer--day and night. Breathe in JE....

breathe out SUS... -Any other prayers and sacrifices can be prayed as well. Please let us know if you no longer need prayers. Please add any prayer petitions throughout the week at our website under prayer intentions. If a prayer request has been removed and the prayers are still needed, please let us know. Prayer Petitions can be found under News at God Bless you.


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