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Prayer Intentions - Week of February 7th

Prayer is the elevation of mind and heart to God in praise of His glory; a petition made to God for some desired good, or in thanksgiving for a good received, or in intercession for others before God. Through prayer the Christian experiences a communion with God through Christ in the Church (CCC 2559-2565)

So with faith, hope, and love please pray for our PAPA petitions.


  • Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler Diocese for his testimony for Life for the unborn

Please pray for Health:

  • Nellyna Christensen, PAPA member

  • Please pray for Nellyna's brother Pedro Vicente Izquierdo

  • Philip Okeke, PAPA member and his wife Jackie and his sons Deon and Luke.

  • For Tere, PAPA member, who is undergoing chemotherapy.

  • Cindy Junek, friend of PAPA, multiple myeloma

  • Father Peter, Redemptorist in California, recovering from COVID

  • Father Peter C.Ss.R, also in California and hospitalized with COVID.

  • Father John Baptist C.Ss.R., sick with COVID.

  • Father Michael Doan C.Ss.R., sick with COVID.

  • Sandra Del Bufalo, PAPA member, weight loss and abdominal pain.

  • Father Roy Oggero tested positive for Covid.

  • Deacon Don Ries, friend of PAPA, for facial injuries and rib fractures after a fall.

  • Jeannette Ries, friend of PAPA, for quick recovery from hip replacement surgery.

  • Scott Barr to find a job, son of member Mary Jo Barr.

  • Rosendo Magallan, PAPA member, hospitalized for internal bleeding.

  • Janey Dubas, friend of Lark Maresh, PAPA member, late stage breast cancer.

  • Father Kristopher Fuchs from St. Mary’s Church, Victoria for a return to health.


  • Pray for the repose of the soul of Eldon Kocian, husband of Teresa Kocian, PAPA member

  • Pray for the repose of the soul of Brother Jean Marie Vianney, C.Ss.R.

  • Pray for the repose of the soul of Jimmey Jones, husband of PAPA Member Patricia Jones

  • Pray for the repose of the soul of Gabriel Gonzales, very good friend of Nellyna Christiansen.

  • Pray for the repose of the soul of Ginney Martinez, friend of Olivia Bannan, PAPA member

  • Pray for the repose of the soul of Rosie Perrone, cousin of Marilda Hugo.


  • For priests

  • Cindy Junek recovering from Covid pneumonia

  • Father Michael's teachings during FACE ZBS


  • For the Pope's intentions

  • For the United States

  • For the end of Abortion

  • For all first responders

  • For Angelica Garcia, PAPA member, and family as they cope in the loss of her mother from Covid

  • For godly husbands and Christian in laws/family for my three girls. (Grace Nwanguma, PAPA member)

PAPA Family, here are some suggested prayers and offerings to pray for above intentions:

-Our Father

-Hail Mary

-Glory Be

-Offer a Mass

-One hour of Adoration


-BJ Prayer, You can pray continuously BJ (Breathing Jesus) prayer--day and night.

-Any other prayers and sacrifices can be prayed as well.

Please let us know if you no longer need prayers. Please add any prayer petitions throughout the week at our website under prayer intentions. If a prayer request has been removed and the prayers are still needed, please let us know. Prayer Petitions can be found under News at

God Bless you.


PAPA Foundation
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