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“By what authority are you doing these things?

Or who gave you this authority to do them?”


There certainly is tension in the temple: chief priests, scribes and elders vs Jesus. What made them so confrontational? The day before Jesus had driven out the money changers. This outraged the religious leaders and they immediately plotted to kill Him. They were filled with hatred, jealousy, and hardness of heart.

Rather than answer truthfully the questions posed to them, they sought out the politically correct answer. Their answers were based on what the reaction of the people would be. Do we not have a bit of the stubbornness and obstinacy of these men?

When we know we are wrong, acknowledging that another is better than we or we find difficulty in apologizing, we run the danger of not changing. Do we forego growth in faith because of a priest or fellow church member? Are we content never talking to the other person because of some perceived "humongous" insult? Does our pride not allow us to admit that someone else is better or right?

There is no reason to want to have the last word. There is no reason when offended to approach and reproach the offender. There is no reason to make ourselves miserable. Do we think so much of ourselves that we are willing to kill others with our words, thoughts, actions and treatment?

In Sirach, Ben Sira is asking for wisdom. Humbly asking for a change of heart, to know right from wrong. When we want to change that is when the Lord enters and brings love, life and mercy into our lives.

Give it a try and after a few weeks with the Lord, I bet you that you will not miss that embittered picky person.

Memorial of St Charles Lwanga

Twenty men led by Charles Lwanga, kept their faith and refused to perform or participate in unchaste and pure acts. Charles Lwanga led by example, spreading the word of God by deed and words. By remaining courageous and unshakable in his faith, he led many to God. They were burnt to death for their conviction.

Allow Jesus to live in you and allow Him to make you wise so that you may glorify Him.

God Bless You


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