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He hardly knew what to say, they were so terrified.

Young mothers have no problems talking and sharing about their children. It comes naturally as love is the driving force. Maybe some are bragging, but the majority are just plain happy with what God has given them. They hold their treasure very close to their hearts. They try their best to nurture and care for their children, just as God has done. They boast in the Lord.

Open your lips and let God's word be heard. "God's Word is uttered by those who repeat Christ's teaching and meditate on His sayings." (St Ambrose) When we speak of justice, virtue, wisdom, peace, truth, life and redemption, we speak of Christ.

Yet, Peter, who would be the head of the Church, hardly knew what to say that day of the Transfiguration. He was terrified. In the Office Readings we daily ask, "Lord, open my lips, and my mouth will proclaim your praise".

PAPA was founded because there was a need to pray for our priests. In praying for the priests, God's Word is in the center of all. In our actions and in our speech, we should project God's love. We share our deepest hope that our priests serve God without stain, and in turn reveal His Glory to all. "This is my beloved Son. Listen to him." Beyond His flesh Peter saw God in holy awe.

The rich consolation of praying is sought by many prayer warriors. However, what is hardest (unless we have the gift of oration) is to tell all about God, His Kingdom, His Sacrifice, His Love, and to seek and find kindred souls for prayer. There is no denying that it is work.

As we ask in faith, we are given. The Holy Spirit takes you to vast horizons and it is He who seeks and finds kindred souls for prayer. It is up to us to let Him use our lips.

To all our PAPA Family, look around and see what is happening in our world. This is the time to pray for priests and ask others to join PAPA. With practice our prayer life gets better. With practice we can ask kindred souls to join us.

God bless you.


PAPA Foundation
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